A Perfect World

The kitten shall befriend the mouse

The tiger shall play with the deer

All creatures will exist in harmony

No animal will cower with fear


The Hindu will respect the Muslim

The Christian will embrace the Jew

Brothers and sisters will be united

Earthly love not hate will ensue


Humans and animals will value each other

And live happily side by side

The earth will no longer be desecrated

But preserved and treated with pride


 Not a drop of blood shall ever be spilt

Poverty and tyranny will be no more

Natural disasters will be confined to the past

There will be an end to feuds and wars


Man nor beast shall go hungry or homeless

We will live peacefully and truly free

One world of shining optimism

Uniting the skies, the earth and seas.

Copyright © 2012 Anne D Morgan

Heart flower

The heart is a crimson flower

That flourishes with love

Each drop of kindness

Is like sweet spring rain

Nurturing her tender buds

Aromatic petals blossom

Caressed by the summer sun

Fragile stems swish happily

In the serene breeze


Cruelty is a razor blade

That violates her purity

Slices through tainted veins

Wilted from neglect

Spills her cold, rusty blood

Defiles her dried, white petals

Discarding them brutally

 In autumn’s bruised dusk

Alone and shrivelled up


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan



The essence of beauty

Tears trickle down the cheeks of angels

And bless the earth below

Each liquid jewel is sacred

From teardrops great oceans flow.


Pink tears are the sweet morning dew

That glisten on flower and tree

Lilac are the monsoon rains

And blue the planet’s seas.


Each teardrop is a colour of the rainbow

Shimmering with cosmic love and light

And when each teardrop falls

It gives the gift of life.


Stars shoot across the sky

As Moon blinks her dreamy eyes

Guiding weary travellers home

Halcyon lanterns in the dark.


Fairies spritz flowers with perfume

As they slumber dreamily at night

And when they awake at dawn

Honey bees greet them with delight.


They weave clouds from dandelion clocks

Fluffy beds of soft eiderdown

But when the icy north wind blows

They drift as frozen feathers to the ground.


Baby cherubs spin heart shape petals

And scatter them on the breeze

They transform into tiny butterflies

As they float above the earthly trees.


The sun scatters seeds with her infinite arms

Across each continent of the world

And when heaven’s waterfall cascades

Nature’s beauty flourishes and grows.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan



Tomb of frozen love

Gently you kiss her pollen lips

As love sews a tiny seed

In spring’s honeyed heart.


Tenderly you cup her cheeks

As a shy bud unfurls

Revealing a blushing rose.


Lightly you stroke her hair

As dawn’s floral breeze

Ruffles her serene petals.


Warmly you hug her close

As shimmering dew drops

Veil her fragrant soul.


Firmly you caress her body

As noon’s electric sun

Prickles her rosy skin.


Happily you hold her hand

As balmy summer rain

Bathes her in heavenly bliss.


Harmoniously you entwine

As dusky stars rub dreamy eyes

And cherubs strum ambrosial harps.


Angrily you call her names

As her bullied stem wilts

In her cowering soul.


Cruelly you scratch her cheek

As her torn, bruised petals

Drift bleeding to the ground.


Violently you punch her

Stabbing her fragile heart

With your barbaric thorns.


Brutally you smash her bones

As thunder bolts though your veins

And lightening inflames the dark.


Frenziedly you crack open her skull

As she lies crumpled like a leaf

On the cold, stony floor.


Silently, her lonely tears cascade

Like a moonlit waterfall of snowflakes

Encasing her winter heart in a frozen tomb.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan

Forbidden fruit

Scandalous hearts race

Intoxicated with depravity.


Hollow souls entwine

Waxed with desire.


Sticky flesh writhes

Glistening with maggots.


A butterfly singes her wings

On lurid, sickly incence.


Soiled nylon sheets

Burn voraciously.


Forbidden fruit rots

In the shattered bowl.


Sweet wine recoils and sours

On lovers forked tongues.


The sour air is tainted

With hot, stolen kisses


The walls shed their scaly skin

The bloody mirror gashed open.


Satiated rats scamper about

Amongst burning embers.


A wasteland of virile bones

Decay amongst frozen ashes.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan

Ember kisses

Cherubs blush shyly hidden in black satin sheets

Dreamy butterflies serenely fan gold stitched wings

Doves scatter rose petals from the pearly gates

Erotic dreams caress blissful sapphire waves

Vanilla ice cream melts on hot velvet tongues

Exotic peacock feathers tickle roselit cheeks

Pearlescent sea shells slumber in rainbow sands

Lust’s intoxicating elixir bubbles in hedonistic veins

Moist cocoa skin glistens bathed in monsoon rains

Rapturous tear drops trickle down orgasmic faces

Buffed torsos gleam cocooned in post coital halos

Drowsy bees are smashed on love’s sweet nectars

Incense clouds waft across scorched marigold skies

Sultry orchids bloom magically in paradise gardens

Molten crimson sears through inflamed pulses

Candles entwine, a wax  seal drips on fused hearts

Fragrant stars shower from moon’s honeysuckle lips

Fireworks explode scorching midnight’s sultry eyes

Ancient, mystic volcanoes  billow hot ember kisses

The inky sea scribes lovers names on eternal pebbles

Ethereal shadows waltz blissfully on secret shores


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan

Winged flower

From her silken cape she emerges

Like a dappled flower with wings

And unfurls her velvet petals

As the blackbird sweetly sings.


More graceful than a ballerina

She takes off into the fragrant breeze

Where she serenely drifts for hours

So beatific and carefree.


Then spying a meadow daisy

She flutters dreamily down to rest

Curled up by the scented bean

Sunlit petals caress her head.


Copyright © 2012 Anne D Morgan