Seeds of creation

The Magician of Creation fell into a deep sleep

For a solid seven days and seven nights

The canvas of his mind’s eye blossoming with vibrant images

He conjured up a magical arc shaped paint palate

Which he named a rainbow, mixing up different shades and hues

And so the sky fell from his long silky dream dusted eye lashes

Then soft vanilla clouds scented like angels

He envisioned beautiful Mother Earth and her continents

Covered with tropical paradises, stark deserts, lush mangroves

Fluttering through space on the wings of a celestial butterfly

Woven from the petals of ambrosial flowers

Vast oceans flowed from ethereal waterfalls

The sun spun from the molten gold river

That illuminates the paradise gardens of heaven

And the moon from the iridescent silver streams

That carve through the serene rose gardens

And the stars were formed from the burning embers

Scooped from heaven’s sacred hearth

Then people, flora and fauna were sculpted

From heaven’s mystical rainbow sands

And each life form was given a role to play in the universe

And blessed with different gifts so they would thrive

And when the magician awoke he infused the world

With a mystical and pure elixir called oxygen, the essence of life

Finally he consecrated each living creature with divine ashes

And water from heaven’s holy fountain

And that is how the world was crafted

Sown from the miraculous seeds of imagination


Copyright © 2013 Anne D MorganS


The Sweet elixir of life

Pink opals sparkle in blooming hedgerows

Frosted diamonds shimmer in autumnal meadows


Emerald silk ripples under dawn’s balmy sky

Foamy dreams burst on the slumbering tide


Sheets of white velvet carpet the land

As frosted feathers flutter hand in hand


Crystalline icing softly dusts bare boughs

From frozen sapphire ice sculptures tower


Angelic tears cascade with sweet devotion

Sacred rivers flow into polluted ocean


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan

The Devil’s strings

Shrivelled petals drift to wasteland

Nature’s innocent beauty soiled

Acid raindrops smother the air

Humanity drowns in a polluted void.


The polar ice caps are melting

Toxins gnaw away at earth’s core

The harvest has failed again

The dawn chorus sings no more.


Dead fish rot in effluent sea

Rivers choke on fossilised bones

Rainforests are turned into oil slicks

Tribal people have lost their homes.


Vultures tear flesh from skinny bones

Tinged green and caked in flies

Victims of mass annihilation

Tortured, raped and defiled.


The stars are dull and rusty

The breeze is no longer sweet

The moon is wearing a shroud

The sun has grown pale and weak.


The flame of spirituality flickers

Hearts entombed in a grave of ice

Souls tangled in consumerist chains

As multinationals roll the dice.


Man has become a machine

Emotions dumped in the cess pit of greed

Thought has destroyed our planet

Feeling is what we need.


Earth’s lungs are scorched and blackened

Poison drips from hopeless eyes

Her face is burnt and peeling

The angels look down and cry.


Our eco system is desolate

She lies shrivelled in the dust

Her glory days are over

All that remains is a ghostly husk.


We are playing God with man and beast

Desecrating our earthly home

The planet is not ours to ravage

She was given to us on loan.


Volcanoes and hurricanes unleash their rage

For humanity must pay the price

This devastation cannot continue

What gives mankind the right?


A coiled serpent hisses in the apple tree

Poisoned corpses rot on the ground

The devil looks down and smiles

At the puppet strings in his hand.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan


The ghostly moon smiles eerily

As piles of corpses lay rotting

In the valley of death

Vultures tear at putrid flesh

And peck at charcoal bones

Burnt by the hellish sun.


Tortured souls are chained to rocks

And watch in horror as their bodies

Are voraciously devoured

Blood drips from ghoulish beaks

And stains the waste land.


In the distance palm trees

Flourish in a verdant oasis

Weary travellers splash their faces

From a cool pool of water

And sit in the welcome shade

Silently uttering their prayers.


But is the dice already cast?


Fate calls their names

The devil claps his hands.


On the horizon golden halos

 Shimmer against the charcoal sky

Or is it just a mirage?


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan


Do not grieve your tainted petals

Scattered on the ground

Like wounded butterflies

For new buds will stir

In your fertile womb

As the spring rains fall

And winter’s snow thaws


Emerging from their cocoon

New roses will blossom

Roused by honey bees

And warm sunshine

Pure and beautiful

Smelling like angels


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan

Lunar Carnage

A solitary cool tear trickles

like a luminescent raindrop

down the crestfallen face

of the dusky moon

as she looks down sullenly

at the estranged, cruel world.


Hopelessness flickers in her soul

like a morose flame

igniting into incendiary bitterness

then explodes  into a billowing inferno

like a voracious fire breathing  dragon

in the lethal crimson furnace

of  her once serene amber heart.


The gloomy winter sky shivers

under a melancholy blanket of ice

as moon sears his steely grey eyes

with her blinding, caustic gaze.


As fragrant stars blossom

like ambrosial flowers

serrated gold teeth like razor blades

slash furiously and mercilessly

 through their dreamy souls.


All that is left is a handful of silver dust

which shimmers  like iridescent pollen

then explodes with a deafening crescendo

before cascading to earth

like a molten waterfall

leaving a smoking trail across

a tombstone of cloudy black marble.


The shocked earth writhes in agony

as a shroud of burning embers

peels off her chameleon skin

layer by layer

down to the bone

until she is charred

to the core.


Horrified angels weep and wail

as they witness

the sacred earth

incinerated to oblivion.


All that remains are

a few microscopic ashes

scattered by the dying breaths

of the scalded, toxic breeze

across a vaporous void.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan


Winter’s bleak landscape is mercifully washed  away

As the parched chameleon earth is blessed

With a quenching shower of sweet spring rain.


Sugar plum fairies bedeck the new dawn 

With sparkling roselit dew

 Like tiny diamond fireworks.


New life bursts through the fertile earth

Like the phoenix risen from the ashes.


A radiant mother earth smiles serenely

Her spring gown beautifully embellished

With a floral rainbow of sherbet hues.


A kaleidoscope of perfumed butterflies

Shower across

Dusky lavender skies.


Sweet Nectar whispers seductively  

On the velvet lips

Of drowsy honey bees.


 Lambs frisk playfully in the verdant meadows

Birds shake snowflakes from their sleepy wings

Their liquid harmony serenades the silky breeze.


Love flutters gently in benumbed hearts

Hope’s flame glows warmly in dark souls

All is well with the world.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan

An ambrosial blessing

Rain drops glisten

On flowers and leaves.


A delicate blossom

Floats on the breeze.


The gift of rain

An ambrosial blessing.


Sweet harmony restored

Between earth and heaven.


Copyright © 2009 Anne D Morgan

Frozen butterflies

Frozen tears

Like frosted chandeliers

Gently drop

From angels eyes


Exquisitely beautiful

Crafted from crystal

Angelic  spun sugar

Softly they fall


Little Shimmering flakes

Of frozen lace

Pirouette innocently

With a ballerina’s grace


When I close my eyes

I melt inside

As a million frozen butterflies

Light up the sky



Copyright © 2011 Anne D Morgan