The essence of beauty

Tears trickle down the cheeks of angels

And bless the earth below

Each liquid jewel is sacred

From teardrops great oceans flow.


Pink tears are the sweet morning dew

That glisten on flower and tree

Lilac are the monsoon rains

And blue the planet’s seas.


Each teardrop is a colour of the rainbow

Shimmering with cosmic love and light

And when each teardrop falls

It gives the gift of life.


Stars shoot across the sky

As Moon blinks her dreamy eyes

Guiding weary travellers home

Halcyon lanterns in the dark.


Fairies spritz flowers with perfume

As they slumber dreamily at night

And when they awake at dawn

Honey bees greet them with delight.


They weave clouds from dandelion clocks

Fluffy beds of soft eiderdown

But when the icy north wind blows

They drift as frozen feathers to the ground.


Baby cherubs spin heart shape petals

And scatter them on the breeze

They transform into tiny butterflies

As they float above the earthly trees.


The sun scatters seeds with her infinite arms

Across each continent of the world

And when heaven’s waterfall cascades

Nature’s beauty flourishes and grows.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan




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