Over the horizon


Bright, billowing white sails like angel wings

 Shimmer beatifically

In the opalescent moonlight

As an ethereal ship

Disappears over the horizon

Towards a golden lighthouse

Beaming like a giant halo

 Across distant, mystic shores

Leaving a trail of footprints

In the golden sand

And a blaze of shooting stars



When frost dusts the trees

And the leaves turn brown

When there is a chill in the air

And rain lashes down

When the desolate road is rocky

And darkness falls

When fear

Coils around your heart

Like a serpent of thorns

When you feel you are drowning

And struggle to breathe

And the waves pull you down

Into the icy black sea

When thunder roars

And lightening bolts

When aquatic stallions

Rise from the deep

In angry revolt

When ships are smashed

Into tiny smithereens

And the gloomy wasteland


With skeleton leaves


When you hear the birdsong

On a crisp Spring morn

And inhale fragrant

Pink rose petals

In the roselit dawn


When a tiny white butterfly

Unfurls her crumpled wings

Glistening like a snowflake

On a dewy emerald leaf


When the sun gently dries

Your tear soaked cheeks

And melts the icicles

That stitch your eyelashes together

Like frozen barbed wire

And sea water heals

The slashes on your wrists

Carved deep when grief

Was etched raw

On your heart

When you fall into a deep slumber

Fuelled by booze and pills

Stalked by insomnia and nightmares


When clouds float peacefully

Across dreamy daisy meadows

And juicy blackberries ripen

In the russet hedgerows


When chestnuts roast

And log fires burn in the hearth

When the embers glow

And a warm light fills your heart


When a canopy of frozen stars

Blaze like demonic fireflies

 Across the ebony sky

And a flurry of snowflakes

Turn the world dazzling white

So beautifully cruel

When frostbite

Turns your lips blue

And you are skating blind

 On a jagged sheet of black ice


Soon it will be Spring again

When new buds will form

The ice will slowly thaw

From your bleak, shivering bones

And the blizzard will blow away

Winter’s crown of icy thorns


Copyright © 2017 Anne D Morgan