Tomb of frozen love

Gently you kiss her pollen lips

As love sews a tiny seed

In spring’s honeyed heart.


Tenderly you cup her cheeks

As a shy bud unfurls

Revealing a blushing rose.


Lightly you stroke her hair

As dawn’s floral breeze

Ruffles her serene petals.


Warmly you hug her close

As shimmering dew drops

Veil her fragrant soul.


Firmly you caress her body

As noon’s electric sun

Prickles her rosy skin.


Happily you hold her hand

As balmy summer rain

Bathes her in heavenly bliss.


Harmoniously you entwine

As dusky stars rub dreamy eyes

And cherubs strum ambrosial harps.


Angrily you call her names

As her bullied stem wilts

In her cowering soul.


Cruelly you scratch her cheek

As her torn, bruised petals

Drift bleeding to the ground.


Violently you punch her

Stabbing her fragile heart

With your barbaric thorns.


Brutally you smash her bones

As thunder bolts though your veins

And lightening inflames the dark.


Frenziedly you crack open her skull

As she lies crumpled like a leaf

On the cold, stony floor.


Silently, her lonely tears cascade

Like a moonlit waterfall of snowflakes

Encasing her winter heart in a frozen tomb.


Copyright © 2013 Anne D Morgan


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