The moth and the flame

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Love is like the stars

Showing you the way

And guiding

You safely home

When you are alone

And afraid

In a dark,

Frozen wasteland


Love is sweet

Like a sugar rush

And pure like honey

She is kind and gentle

Always happy to see you

Wipes away your tears

Gives you a sense of security


Love is a drug

Like a shot of cocaine

Running through your veins

Her blissful exotic perfume

Powerful and intoxicating

Suffusing your body and soul

With ecstasy, joy and serenity


Love blossoms like a flower

And needs nurturing

But love isn’t always a bed of roses

Her petals can shrivel and die

And love can be cruel

With her razor-sharp thorns


Love is like the sea

And a herd of wild horses

It can be unpredictable

A passionate force of nature

Dragging you to icy depths

And through burning hot coals


Love is the unity

Of two eternal flames

That fuse and become one

And an invisible chord

That bonds two spirits together

But love takes commitment

To keep her candle burning bright

Or the flame will extinguish

And the chord disintegrate


Love is cocooned

In the chalice of

Each beloved’s heart

Her flame burning

Incandescent white

Like an angel’s halo

Brighter than a galaxy of stars

Blinding the moon

And making the sun

Look like a moth


Never take love lightly

But if you embrace her

You will discover

The true meaning of life


And even when

The ruby wax melts

And turns

Stone cold

The unwavering flame

Will still glow


In the embers

For love transcends life

And lasts forever


Copyright © 2017 Anne D Morgan



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