Stallions and Sirens

A demonic, testosterone fuelled

Galloping heard

Of aquatic stallions

Crash fearlessly

Against the shore

Pebble grey with steely manes,

Tongues lolling, eyes rolling

Foaming at the mouth


Forks of diamond white lightening

Slash and burn

The melancholy, inky night

Thunder rages fiercely

Like a tormented beast

The silver alpine moon shivers,



Wind howls and lashes the

Huge equine beasts

With her frozen tongue

Like an ethereal horses whip

As they rear up on their hind legs

Tangled manes dripping with salty water

Flanks glistening with briny sweat

Ruby calves, shredded by coral


Doomed pirate ships carrying cargos of lost souls

Are hurled ferociously against the rocks

Like flimsy matchsticks

And smashed into tiny pieces


Scattered like a pile of rubbish over

Jagged rocks along the shore

Torn bodies,

Prostrate like dead starfish

Or Jesus on the Cross

Lie in tatters like bloody rags

Hair strewn with oily coils

Of tar and seaweed

Encrusted with tiny crabs

And bloody seashells

Cracked blue lips caked

With wet sand and barnacles


The stallions’ nightmarish watery jaws

Swallow bodies whole

Plummeting them

Into the frozen underworld

Finally, free

From their hellish

Living nightmares


Neptune’s beatific sirens

Like otherworldly ice maidens

Wearing iridescent white gowns

And garlands of shimmering seashells

Bury the dead

In their watery graveyard

Weeping silently

Murmuring ‘May God rest their souls’


Meanwhile, ghostly hags

Shrouded in ancient black veils

Like inconsolable, jilted widows

Clutch the bloated corpses

Of long drowned sailors


Restless Spirits entwine

Like a mangled mass of

Congealed cobweb jelly fish

Then float into the blind abyss

With sinners and whores


Majestic Golden Hinds

Appear on the horizon

Filled with weary travellers

Rubbing dreamy eyes

Devilish nightmares are swept away

With the swish of a sail


Exhausted stallions retreat

As the merciful dawn unfolds

Like sweet, fragrant rose petals

Gentle waves lap the shore

Caressing the hooves

Of milky white mares

and tiny newborn foals

Sirens comb their silky hair

Sitting on bejewelled rocks

Once more peace is restored



Copyright © 2017 Anne D Morgan



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